Saturday, September 11, 2010


The invitation to Homecoming came a little after 10 PM one night- Baylie had already gone to bed so we had to wake her up. She stepped onto the front porch and music began playing. Suddenly a good sized group of male dancers (visualize Spartonians)- come running into the circle and then they performed a really great dance for her. It was too dark so the pictures didn't turn out, but it was really very impressive! At the end of the dance the boys ripped of their shirts and then ran back to wherever they came from, leaving Bay with a note inviting her to the dance, from Tyson.
She thought she was dreaming- so she shrugged her shoulders and went back to bed. Later that night she convinced herself that it had to have been a dream and, with all those shirtless boys, not a bad dream at all. Silly Girl!

So the prep for the dance is shear torture- she hates to shop- she prefers to wear soccer shorts and slippers and T-shirts- in fact, I meant to check before she left, but I am pretty positive that she has her soccer shorts on under her dress and I am guessing the heels came off as soon as she was out of my eye sight. Kelcey dolled up her hair and insisted on make-up! So, she was looking pretty cute- and Tyson is a very nice young man-and a soccer player as well- a little something in common!

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