Monday, August 16, 2010


This is Jayce's new favorite pass time- making traps!
He is very good at it too, and we have proof. (sorry, no pictures- the camera lady could not stop laughing and had to be removed from the scene)
The scene- Jayce screaming, Ross and I dashing outside to see what happened.
Jayce with blood running down his face- all over his shirt front- a big bloody mess from his nose.
We asked what happened-
He walked smack into one of his own traps! A stick swung out and hit him right in the nose- just like he had hoped would happen- only he wasn't planning on being the one to spring the trap- Good lesson learned for the little man.


The Olson Gang! said...

Has he been watching "HOME ALONE"??? OH dear!!! Poor kid.... I'd like to chat with the camera lady though... is she related to our mother? LOL!!!

Kisses Jayce!!! Hope your feeling better by morning....

Love you!

Des said...

So...funny...! The best laid plans...:)

Pauline said...

That is great,:0) I am sure he didn't think so> He never scesses to amaze me with his imagination.