Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please don't be envious of my

Jayce has been begging me for months to make him a super Hero costume.
It probably wont happen anytime soon so he took matters into his own hands and designed a costume- all I had to do is sew it together!
He was very impressed with my skills but opted to make his own mask-
This is an amazing outfit- made completely out of construction paper and stapled right on for a perfect fit!
He decided to add a pocket- to hold the fingernail clippers that he has been carrying around for days- except for today, when he was asked to leave them home. He put them in the fridge for safe keeping! "Nobody will look for them in there." I think he's probably right about that- because when I found the clippers in the fridge I wasn't actually looking for the clippers.
And because I am SO AMAZING at sewing costumes, Jayce has designed a set of mechanical arms that can attach to his back-pack. I will be sewing them next- NOT!

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