Saturday, July 31, 2010

His world.....

or MINE?!?!

My world is "smashing the childhood out of him."
I always wonder where he gets this stuff from- I certainly don't want to be a childhood smasher. So we are jumping into his world for a day- HERE WE GO!

I have a flashing red number over my head- telling the world that today I have 25 lives. Wait, make that 24- I lost one because he had to explain the red flashing number to me, these thing aren't free!
It is noisy and energetic and full of imagination. Every second of life has something exciting to pretend or explore. Doesn't matter where we are- life is an adventure!
I lost my next life at the pool- because I was sweating like a pig so I got into the water (which I rarely ever do) and I didn't know that water would take a life. 23 left!
Only I have a problem with this because he is in the pool and he still has a flashing red 6 over his head- so I want to know why he keeps a life and I lose one- doesn't seem fair. After a long, long explanation from him on the subject I learn that it is age related- I started out with 25 lives because that is how old I am- and I drop the lives quicker than he does because I am old and I should already know the rules.
Sounds okay I guess! Except I want more lives because I am really 40 something-
"Not gonna happen" -
So, I am a little embarrassed to be walking around with a flashing red "23" over my head- Oh, wait. Its a 22 now- I lost a life because I scared him!
It was totally worth it- Made him scream like a little girl!
Part of me wants to get rid of these lives as quickly as I can- but the other part is a little afraid of what we will be doing next in his world---

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