Saturday, October 11, 2008

POWER- and a Diet Coke!

Jayce has Special Power- this is not news to anyone! The POWERS range from "water throwing" to "Flame Control" (And Ross- I don't think this has anything to do with Fire Fighting!) I don't know what special powers might creep out- and I cant prepare for the unknown, so I just roll with it!

Shelli has a Diet Coke addiction- this also is not news to anyone!! I gave it up for about three months. I didn't remember why I gave it up- just seemed like a great idea! Then I took it back up about two months ago. Now I remember why I gave it up. It was the constant headache- oh- how I dislike those migraines! and the sick to the stomach- all day- every day feeling!

Friday was a bad day! Every room Jayce walked into turned into a disaster zone-
Why do children shred Toilet Paper while they sit on the toilet? Why does the hand towel end up in the sink, soaked, when he washes his hands? Why does half a bottle of hand soap need to be squirted into the toilet? Why does my wash machine need thirteen scoops of detergent in it when I am not even washing today? Why does the kitten need to be in the dryer? (At least it wasn't running!) Why can I not keep up with this child??? And it is simple- he has power and I NEED a Diet Coke.

So we stop at my favorite Diet coke store on the way to Pre-school. Its only noon, but I feel like it should be bedtime! My favorite Diet Coke shop has good crushed ice and its on the way- so we get out of the car and go in. Jayce instantly disappears- I find him, explain AGAIN why he needs to stay by me- I waited too long for this little guy and I wont have him kidnapped. Please Jayce, Stay with me!
I get the good ice- I go for the Diet Coke and he is gone again. I find him- explain the whole stay near me AGAIN! and he says- "Mom I cant help it- I have uncontrolled visibility power. (It comes out "Uncontrowed Visibiwity power" ) What is this power and how did you get it? "Well, It cant be expwained- some people just get it!" Great- I am guessing that its shows itself through "unexplained disappearing" You hide because you have power to be invisible- I think I am getting this and I really want that Diet Coke- So I had to have some power of my own!
So- I tell him- I know just what to do about this. I will use my amazing power to tie up children with my uncontrollable invisible rope. Nobody, and no power is greater than this rope so once I tie you up, you will not be able to move until I take the rope off!
Well, it worked- I still got some power in me!!!
I turn to get my drink and he stands statue still next to me. A man walks in and looks at Jayce and says "your a good boy" He says "My mom tied me up!"
Thanks Jayce! So I'm ready to go- and guess what- He cant walk while he is tied up- I will have to carry him. Oh I can play this game buddy- I will now use my super untying power to release you!
Great idea- didn't work.
I have now lost the power so I had to carry the stiff as a board boy to the car- karate chop (Gently of course!) his tummy to bend him to the car seat- Now we are ready to go!!
I jump in the car and put it into reverse before any other power sneaks up on me- and I look at the hood of the car just in time to see my diet coke fall to the ground! RATS!
Would I look silly if I jumped out of the car and gathered the ice and shoved it into my mouth? Maybe I could suck the drops of Diet Cole off the hood???
OH -BOY!!!!! It took all my power to be a lady and just drive away!


CBChristensen said...

LOL! I totally feel for you.. I find my power in COFFEE though, but I am the evil sis-in-law! LOL! The explanation is simple really ( I get these all the time) either it is a test (LOL, I hate tests) or somehow, you deserve it because of the type of kid you were (LOL thats my favorite). Anyway just get through the best you can with the comfort that you can give him the same explanations later in life of why his kids constantly test him! LOL! Lots of Luck to ya!

Pauline said...

Sounds like a great start to a great day how did it end?

The Brown Family said...

I am with you Becky! That and Redbull. Mmmmmmm! Jayce has to be the funniest kid EVER. You tell him to beware because Aunt Kerryne has special uncontrollable tickling powers. They just take over me and I can't stop tickling people :)

Hope you have a better day. If it makes you feel any better at all, that is about how my days are EVERYDAY lately. :(
See you in a couple of weeks, yahooooo... love you

The Olson Gang! said...

I'll get back to you!!!!

Jayce my boy!! YOU ARE FUNNY!!!! And I can totally hear his little voice!!!


Wendy said...


Where is this good ice located? I love the crushed ice too!