Monday, October 6, 2008

Wisdom- (as in TEETH)

Kelcey had her Wisdom teeth removed last Friday! It was a quick procedure- about an hour start to finish! She handled it better than we expected. I was NOT looking forward to all sorts of drama- I mean, this is the 18 year old that FREAKS when she has to have a throat culture done- it takes me, 4 nurses and a doctor to hold her down, so I was not at all upset when Ross volunteered to take her to the appointment!
Turns out that the anisthesiologist (Spelled wrong- I know!) was a great friend of our sister-in-law Cheri's boyfriend Kevin. SO Ross hit it off with him and the chat session began and before they knew it, Kelcey was finished! She has been in a bit of pain but feeling pretty great today. She's back to school and work and thats good news for all of us!!


Des said...

I'm glad she pulled through okay! Those wisdom teeth are not fun! Way to go Kelcey!

Kelcey Kae said...

ok, hold on a sec... I was like eight when the whole throat culture thing freaked me out and ya'll had to hold me down. that was ten years ago... let it go woman! haha