Thursday, October 16, 2008


If you have a dryer- YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!
If you haven't read my earlier post- POWER, and a Diet Coke- stop right now and read that first!!
If you have already read that- then all I can say is --- read on!
Today was like any other day. Busy. I was entertaining Jayce and Kohen and took a quick break to swap the laundry out- you know the drill- dry clothes to the couch to be folded sometime, hopefully today!, and wet stuff to the dryer, then start another load. We all do it day after day- does not take much thought!
So- I walk out of the laundry room and instantly begin wondering where the kitten is- I have Kohen and Jayce after all- and they do love to chase her or put her in boxes- stuff like that. So I ask them- have you seen the kitten- NO, they say. I think this is weird because she generally follows me every where. I sat down to try to get some of my book work done and I cant stop thinking about this kitten- where could she be??
I hear a clunk, clunk in the dryer. You guessed it- She was in there! I run to the dryer and open the door thinking "PLEASE don't let her be in here!" I see the clothes moving- good sign I think- shes moving at least. After all how many of us would survive 5 minutes in the dryer?
The Kitty I pulled out of the dryer was panting and had bulging eyes and a look that scared me! She was bleeding from her mouth and her nose a bit. What would you do?? I called the paramedic- Ross and he ignored my call- So I called the EMT Jordan , who said "I don't know what to tell ya!" - Should I call 911?? Ross would kill me, I know, but its tempting. So I snuggle the panting little kitten in a towel and say a prayer, some higher power should be able to help me with this. I cant just watch her die, so I lay her down by the water and leave the room. I check on her seconds later, she is still panting and she looks just just like a cat named "SCREECH" should look- scary! Ross calls and through the laughter I realize he is not going to be any help at all- he can hardly wait to hang up on me and go tell the guys what his goofy wife did this time- So I am on my own.
Well, she is still alive at this time. She's drinking water and jumping around. She has a big ding on her head. POOR KITTY! But I think she could pull through!
SO, thus the URGENT WARNING! ALWAYS CHECK YOUR DRYER BEFORE YOU START IT- You never know what might be in there!!


lori said...

That story is still funy the second time. Andy thought it was great too. Love your blog!

The Olson Gang! said...

Who has more "fun" than you? Why do you get all the "fun?" Hmmm.... I guess because you are the "lucky" one - and I....the not so lucky one....
You always have such fun stories...Never a dull moment around your place is there...? I think I need to visit you more often!

Thanks for making my day - ok night! always brighten my life!!! LOVE YOU!!

Sally said... That is the saddest thing I've ever heard! I'm so glad that kitty survived!! Thanks for the warning!

Danette said...

At least your dogs didn't eat TWO litters of kittens! Ya, it's pretty sad when Carly sees a headless kitten out our back door and says "kitty owie?" Ya, BIG owie!

Des said...

That happened to either Sammy or Garfield one time. They were both a little goofy afterwards, but they survived! You're not alone!

Pauline said...

Yeah it was Sammy that went for a ride in the dryer. There were alot of towels to cushion her but she went for a long ride I was talking to Mom Fowlks at the time and kept hearing the weirdest noise. Thought our neighbor got a new dog and it was making weird noises. But then I remembered that Sammy likes getting in the warm dryer. Yip that is where she was at and she lived to be 19 years old and we had to have her put to sleep after having a stroke. :/

CBChristensen said...

LOL... When I was growing up I had a Tom Cat that used to jump in the dryer to sleep on the warm clothes, well one day the clothes weren't dry and mom turned the dryer back on. The thump, thump alerted her and when she opened the dryer there was a flash of gray fur! I am glad your kitty is okay!

Barnson Family said...

I am so very sad for the poor kitty! I dont know how you manage everyday! Jayce IS the cutest boy ever, but he puts you through a lot!!! If I have a boy I am sending him to you- he can be Jayce's "broda" and then you wont have to swallow a baby pill to get pregnant! See look how things can work out!!! I still think the story of Kerryne telling her kids that babies come from swallowing a pill is the greatest, and Ill never forget the look on Jayce's face! He looked like he was betrayed by you for not just swallowing a pill!
Good Luck and next time I am out and about in your direction I will bring you a DIET COKE with the good ice!
Love Ya

Britnee Bartlett and Chad Webb said...

oh my gosh i would feel so awful!!!! you know ow much i adore my kitties. glad she's ok-but another warning-always check your clothes too. i know a client of the salon's who threw her sheets in the washer, and her cat was sleeping in them and drowned. so check everything thoroughly if you have any small pets-especially cats, they love hiding.