Monday, October 6, 2008

Somethings are best left- UNKNOWN!

Our family had planned to go camping over conference weekend- we havent had our trailer out much over the past year, so this was a big deal and we were looking forward to it. Then Baylie has a friend who invites her to go to conference with her for the Saturday afternoon session. How could we say no?!? SO, we cancelled the camping- and we sent her to conference with her friend and, we thought, her friends family. When she returned home we asked her all about it and only then did we find out that the parents dropped Baylie and her friend off at the Conference center, and the girls went to the Gateway mall afterwards and rode trax home. This all sounds just fine as I sit here telling you about it- but, believe me, I was GRRRRRRRR!! mad about the whole thing. Why didnt they just call and ask me to pick them up??? What parent would let her daughter tromp around Salt Lake after conference, and ride tracks home without her mother at her side???? Well, IF I had know this was happening I would have refused to let her go! So I guess somethings are best left unknown! She had a great time! She returned home safetly! She is 14 after all- BUT she better NEVER do that again!


Pauline said...

Some parents don't have brains I would have been very mad as well. That is no place for two cute 14 year old girls to be there are some wacko people out there. I would have trouble with letting Sharise do that and she is 17 and would resent the fact that I wouldn't want her doing that.

CBChristensen said...

UGH! I am not looking forward to teenagers! May the force be with you! Common sense just isn't as common as it should be!